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One of our in-store partners is an apparel brand called Rocacorba Girona. Another Rocacorba name, we know. When we were just starting our at Can Campolier, a young Maties Rodriguez arrived at our business saying he was starting an apparel brand by the same name, and we have supported each other since that fortuitous day in 2017. 


Their story is one of passion, resilience, and a love for great coffee and exceptional cycling roads. Rocacorba began its journey in a small family home on the very slopes of the mountain that lends its name to the brand: Rocacorba.

This unique mountain seems to inspire all who come into contact with it, and Maties was no different. 

What started as a weekend food truck venture nestled atop a picturesque mountain to fuel intrepid cyclists exploring Girona with a perfect cup of coffee and snacks quickly evolved into something much greater. Rocacorba is more than just a brand; it's a testament to a dream turned into reality.

From those humble beginnings, they have grown into a thriving team of dedicated individuals and collaborators. Rocacorba Girona now proudly serve customers in over 50 countries worldwide. 

You will also find an ongoing selection of their best apparel as well as custom collaborations and unique pieces in the Rocacorba Atelier as they are one of our launch partners. 


We asked Maties "Why Rocacorba" and his answer was his usual thoughtful expression: 


"For us, riding is about the experience. It is not always about speed, power, data or going faster. It is about sharing the journey, savoring the views, and taking our bodies, legs, and lungs to beautiful places that push our boundaries. 

Let’s be honest, cycling is suffering. It does not matter if you are a pro rider or a newcomer to the sport. So – when you can’t breathe, your legs are screaming and you want to quit, just know that we are all in this together!

For Girona locals, Rocacorba is a synonym of difficulty, suffering and challenge. Nevertheless, reaching its summit gifts you the most amazing views – you can see both Costa Brava and Pyrenees! When creating our brand, our founder wanted a name that embodied all these adjectives: Effort, suffering, difficult times, as well as, rewarding calmness, good views, and the feeling of achieving something that is not within everyone’s reach. That is what we strive for you to feel when riding with any of our products."


We look forward to showing you the incredible pieces that Maties and his team put out in our store shortly. 

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