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It is no secret, we are drawn to the Rocacorba climb in many ways. So much so that we opened an authentic and luxurious accommodation business in Banyoles just a few years back. 


Rocacorba Cycling is about bringing together the independent parts of the cycling world: cycling tourism, pro cycling, and community all in one place: our beautiful 17th century estate in Girona.


Here you can enjoy luxurious but authentic accommodation within the ancient stone walls of our 17th century estate, Can Campolier. Located 1,5 kilometres from Lake Banyoles and 2 kilometres from the base of Rocacorba it is the perfect destination for your next trip. From first contact to check-out, we aim to provide a seamless and personalised experience.


Beyond accommodation, Rocacorba Cycling offers all you need for your Girona getaway. Discover the perfect combination of warm weather, varied terrain, and quiet roads. With both the Rocacorba climb and Lake Banyoles on our doorstep and the beaches of the Costa Brava just a pedal away join us for a perfectly situated cycling getaway, and the perfect way to combine a town and country experience along with the Atelier. 


Here in Banyoles, we also offer bike rentals, ride guides, sports massage and an in-house chef to cater to all your culinary adventures. We are also told that Carl makes a mean Cortado from the beautiful Rocket Espresso machine downstairs. 

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